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With your own smart TV from Savers Appliances, you can catch all of your favorite shows and movies both on cable and online. Get a top-of-the-line television for your home by browsing Savers Appliances’ Televisions – Smart TV category. We sell smart TVs from top global brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Devant, Hisense, and TCL.

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There are two main characteristics that set apart smart TVs from regular televisions. One is their ability to connect to the Internet. The other is their ability to play multimedia content from gadgets like flash drives and streaming devices. Most smart TVs on the market also boast high-definition displays and optimized sound quality. In a nutshell, they have more upscaled features and can be used for a greater number of applications compared to basic televisions. So if you want to do more with your TV, you should upgrade and get the smart variety today.

You have a lot of choices available at Savers Appliances. Our catalogue features smart TVs of different sizes and resolutions. You’re sure to find a great unit for watching your favorite content, for gaming, for playing music on, or even for connecting to your computer. Browse the Televisions – Smart TV section of the Savers Appliances website, and grab the perfect smart TV for your home theater setup!